A New way to look at Love

Everyone says they love everything! I love coffee! I love shoes! I love traveling! I love Muse! I love, love, love, love, love everything. But what does it really mean to love something? Someone??

We say (well there are some exceptions here, but just go with it) that we love our families, our parents, our siblings, our friends, our boyfriends, our GOD. But do we really? Do we really?

When you love someone, you respect someone. You think about their needs, their desires. You think about things that are good for them, you try to avoid things that are bad for them. But, in regards to that last sentence we tend to get a little hazy.

Hazy? Allow me to explain.

I know I write specifically to girls, but boys can take this and turn it around for themselves if they like.

Ladies is your conduct around boys pleasing to God? Think about this…
If you are always flirting, teasing, enticing, you may think that you are showing the opposite sex love and affection.
But is that beneficial towards them? Boys already struggle with desires without girls ever even opening their mouths or shaking their booties.

That desire is greatly multiplied when girls start whispering things in the ears, touching them excessively, and dancing around inappropriately. (Inappropriate dancing is any kind of dancing with suggestive sexual movements.)

These actions intensifies boys’ struggles. Is that loving someone? Purposely accelerating a their struggle? When you love someone do you want to make them struggle.

A lot of times, I hear the argument, “Well, it’s not my fault boy’s struggle. I can dress the way I want, say what I want, and move the way I want.”
Yes, you can that is your liberated right. However, is it what a lady would do? Is that showing love for your fellow man? And I’m not even speaking strictly here on romantic love. I’m speaking about general love towards fellow man. However, in a romantic situation this is even more vital.

Our conduct – what we do and what we say affects everyone around us. EVERYONE! So ladies, think before you go out, think about the motivation behind what you’re wearing. Think about what you say to boys. Think about how you act around boys.

Is your behavior Christ like? Is it truly loving them?

Ask yourself this: are you loving someone if you are causing them to stumble?

And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony – Colossians 3:14


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