The Question of Why?

Have you ever asked yourself why?

Why is a tough question to answer, for we can’t give it a yes or no answer. We can’t pull the answer from a list, we can’t just nod our head and the question be forgotten. The question of why is more complex than that. We have to think about it, and in doing so we must reveal apart of ourselves.

For girls involved with sexual immorality, have you ever asked yourself why you are doing these things? Why are you giving your body over in an act that is meant to be sacred between you and your husband? Why are you giving it to someone who won’t love you forever, who won’t be there for you years from now?

You may have convinced yourself that, oh yes, he does love me. He does care for me. He wants me, he needs me, he loves me!
You are forgetting something: Love and respect go hand in hand.
If he loves you so much, shouldn’t he have enough respect for you not to ask sex of you?

I challenge you. The next time you and your boyfriend, or your friend, or whomever you are with are together ask yourself why if the question of sex comes up?

Why are you having sex with this person? Why are you wanting to have sex with this person?


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