What is the value of a lady?

Have you ever thought about this?
As a lady, you are a valuable being. You are a treasure, a flower, a gem, precious in her own right. You are known as the beautiful, dainty, charming, pretty, fierce, lovely sex. Of the two sexes, we are the ones that were created to complete the other. Our role on the earth is irreplaceable. We are the bearer of life, for it is only through us that children can be born. Any male can father a child, but a mother is the one who must carry and bring forth this life into the world. Think about how valuable that makes us. Men have conquered the world, in the name of a woman, for the love of a woman, for the prize of a woman. We are treasures that true men will vie for, live for, die for.

So why is it that we give ourselves so little value? We devalue ourselves by giving away our heart, our minds, our bodies so easily. Our hearts are almost like items up for sale at the market, and we eagerly give them to the first man that makes an offer. A dollar? a dinner? a ticket to the movies? Is that all we are worth? Is that what our pattering hearts are worth?

No, no, my dear ladies, we are worth so much more than these things. We are so much more valuable. First and foremost, we are valuable to our creator and king, our Lord Jesus Christ. He loved you so much, He gave His life for you. That’s how much you are worth to Him.

As ladies, we must respect the value within us. After all, we are the ones who set the standards of how people treat us. How we carry ourselves and treat ourselves is how other people are going to treat us. Do you hold yourself with confidence and dignity and respect?
Then other people are going to respect you.
Jesus Christ holds your eternal value, but we set our value base for ourselves.
How much do you value yourself? Remember that you are a sacred, valuable daughter of a King.

Jeremiah 31:3b – I have loved you with an everlasting love


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