How do you feel about being watched?

Do you ever feel like you’re being watched? Like your actions and your words are being written down, studied, and analyzed by others around you? It sounds like a conspiracy theory. It sounds monstrously insane. But guess what! It’s not. Actually, you most likely are being watched, and you most likely are being studied, and you most likely are being analyzed especially if you claim to be a believer in Jesus Christ. As a Christian, your actions reflect Christianity as whole. Your actions reflect the Father. Your actions reflects His work in you. It is your job, your duty to conduct yourself in a manner that is pleasing to the Father. So easily, we get caught up in petty things, we get caught up in things of this world that will not have long term consequences. One little domino falls and instead of grabbing it and standing it back upright, we allow it to continue and knock down all the other dominoes in our day. Our actions yell who we are. Our words give people hints and clues to what’s going on on the inside, and our conduct practically writes our biography.


What did you do today that you wouldn’t be too proud of others knowing about? Did you unnecessarily yell at your friend about something that doesn’t even seem to matter now? Did you get angry at the driver in front of you because they were driving a little slower than you would have liked? Did you get upset at the barista in the coffee shop because he didn’t make your coffee fast enough? Did you get frustrated because the lady at the post office didn’t ask you how you were? All of these seem silly now reading them, but how easily we get caught up in them during the moment. Our moment by moment reactions though are what people see. We don’t have the luxury to pause the situation we’re in and consider what the best reaction would be. Instead our initial reactions are what people get, store, analyze, and remember us by. That’s just how life works. People remember what you do, they remember what you say, and they remember how you did it and how you said it.


Our job then is this: we must train our initial reactions to be Godly reactions. We must be so in tune with Jesus Christ that our initial reactions reflect the actions of the Father. When someone says something unkind to us, we hold our tongues and allow it to pass. When someone jumps in front of us, we allow them to go. Our reactions to others actions must make them question their own actions. Getting mad at someone when they’re rude at you doesn’t make them stop being rude, usually it just fuels their rudeness. If on the other hand, you smile at them and say something kind to them about the day or themselves, they may wonder why you’re being nice to them. They may wonder what makes you even want to be kind when they were nothing but rude. They may then desire to be kind if you were kind to them.


Do all things without grumbling or questioning, that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world – Philippians 2:14 -15

As a child of God, you are the light in this dark world, and your conduct is how people see your light. What you say and do radiates your light. If you claim to be a Christian, but get angry when things don’t go your way, or if you panic at every hitch in your path then you aren’t exhibiting trust in your Father and your light isn’t shining as bright as it could. It’s a challenge, I know. It’s a daily challenge to walk and exhibit Christ’s qualities, but thats where trust in the Holy Spirit comes in. That’s where His guidance comes in, thats where His grace comes in. It can be done. We can be a light but only through Christ.

Perhaps you’ve always known that you need to live your daily life surrendered to Christ, but perhaps you weren’t exactly sure why every little thing mattered. I mean it’s human nature to get upset. It’s human nature to get discouraged, frustrated, overwhelmed, angry, and we all have our moments, but just remember that the next time you do have your moment. Know that someone is watching you. Someone is watching how you react to different situations. You are meant to be a living example for Christ to everyone you come in contact with. You are being watched.

Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity – 1 Timothy 4:12





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