Because gifts are what Christmas is all about…

Christmas. It’s all about the gifts. Gifts are the reason for the season. What’s under your tree? Designer jeans? the new Ipad? a new video camera perhaps? or maybe some new clothes? an envelope full of cash? Have you gone and shook the brightly wrapped packages trying to figure out what’s wrapped up in each one? I have…I mean come on! This is the one time in the whole year (besides your birthday) that you get to bask in receiving a present. You can jump around and shout: look what I got!!!!!! and no one thinks your a brat.

WHOOAAAAA! Right about now, you’re probably thinking what on earth is she talking about!? What on earth has happened to the Inner Lady and wasn’t she supposed to get on here and tell me that ‘Jesus is the reason for the season’?

Well that’s actually what I am about to tell you, but in a different way. Jesus is the reason for the season, but Jesus is the best gift giver of all. Jesus came to earth and delivered the greatest gifts of all.

Have you ever thought about the gifts God has given you?! He sent His son in human form on Christmas day to deliver them to mankind in the form of a baby. Jesus came and brought the gift of hope. He brought love. He brought joy. He brought peace. He brought grace. And most importantly he came in that humbled form so that we might have the gift of salvation.

Every one of us focuses so much on the material gifts under the tree when really the best gifts are with us 24/7 365 days a year. We simply must unwrap them and put them to use. So many times we forget that we have these gifts, or we get distracted with the flashy gifts in front of us that we forget about the true gifts of this season. Christmas should be the time of year when we most remember Jesus Christ as the greatest gift giver of all. He himself was the greatest gift.

So, yes, tomorrow when you are opening your gifts under the tree enjoy! But remember that tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that the greatest gifts of all cannot be wrapped. The greatest gift giver of all came in the form of a baby. He came and gave us the gift of life, of hope, of security, of a beautiful future. He gave us peace, hope, love, and joy. He didn’t put a price on any of them except for our love and trust in Him. THAT’s IT! It isn’t a trick. It isn’t a competition. Christ humbly came and gave us the greatest gifts of all, and that is the reason we celebrate. We celebrate Christ’s gifts! Christmas is all about the gifts, but it’s not about the gifts wrapped under the tree. It’s about the gifts that continue throughout the year. It’s about the gifts that Christ came as a baby and gave with His own life. Christmas is about the gifts of Christ.

Merry Christmas everyone, and enjoy the priceless gifts that Christ has given you.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows – James 1:17



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