Why it’s so Tempting to NOT Trust God

Admit it. We all sometimes slack when it comes to fully trusting God. Things go our way a few times, and we suddenly think we are experts when it comes to steering through this volatile life. We make one right decision, and we assume we know more than our Lord Jesus Christ does. We rev up our self will, and our faith meter drops below full trust. On life’s journey, we forget that God can see all of the unseen variables and hazards in life. We forget that He knows what’s coming months in advance when we only get life updates as they happen.

Today’s egotistical, individualistic society doesn’t help much either. Making our own way, our own decisions, our own directions is today’s standard. We are viewed as weak if we rely on God instead of our own will. Many people make very bold and arrogant statements that they don’t need God or anything God can do for them. They’ve taken all of their trust from God and placed it onto themselves. They are completely lost in their pride, engrossed in their fully self-reliant and self-sufficient lifestyle. This is a very short-sighted view of life. Self-reliance is a one way street to total damnation. You might be thinking that this is nothing like you. You might think you do trust God, but when God says to trust Him, He means for you to put everything in His hands not just the things here and there. Once you stop putting your trust in God in the little things, it’s a slippery slope to taking all of your trust off of God.

Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In ALL your ways acknowledge him, and He will make straight your paths. – Proverbs 3:5-6

So easily we are whipped around by pressures of the world, our own whims, and any form of distraction that comes our way. So easily we shift out of full trust mode and switch into self-reliance cruise. Within us, there is a sinful nature that almost always thinks it knows what’s best for us. We like to evaluate our own situations, make our own decisions. The selfish nature inside of us wants to run from the will of God and seek our own well-being. We want to be in charge.

Other times, God’s plans for our life are not to our liking. He may call us to be humble servants not arrogant, selfish control fanatics. He might call us to a ministry that we aren’t too excited about in the beginning. He might call us to a city or a town away from loved ones and family. He might call us out of our comfort zone. When these callings or new directions occur, we think for sure that we know what’s better for our life than God does. But God sees a bigger picture. He can see farther down the road. His concern isn’t for our human comfort, but rather the furthering of the gospel. He wants us to love Him, to serve Him, to trust. And sometimes those actions call us out of our comfort zone.

When we come across a rough patch in life, we naturally want to bolt and run. But the book of James tells us to count all trials as a joy.

Count it all joys, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete lacking in nothing. – James 1:2-4

At times, it takes more strength to trust God than it does to make our own decisions especially when things are not going the way we think they should go. When desires spring up inside of us to follow the ways of the world, to fall into the temptations that are handed to us daily on a platter, to take the less treaded path, we have to dig deep within us for the strength to turn away from the easy choices and turn toward the harder path of following Christ. Christ expects us and wants us to put all of our trust in Him. Not trusting Him is a guaranteed path to hurt, pain, and misery.

Think back to Abram and Sarai (Genesis 16). God promised Abram a son through his wife Sarai, but years passed and a son didn’t come. Sarai decided to take matters into her own hands and decided to shift her full trust from God to her self. She gave her handmaid Hagar to Abram, so that she could conceive a son for him.

Most of you who know the Bible or Israel’s history know what ensued. Abram did have a son by Hagar, and later Sarai did conceive a son. Ishmael and Isaac. Ishmael is the father of the Arab people. Isaac is the father of the Israelites. To this day, the nations still war against each other.

Sarai thought she knew what was best. She thought by taking matters into her own hands, she was fixing things. It was so easy for her to shift her trust from God to herself because she didn’t see results. God wasn’t working on her timeline, so she figured she would do what was best, and she shifted the plans. But God doesn’t ever work on our timelines. God works on His timeline because He knows what’s best.

It’s easy. So easy to shift our full trust away from God. The world offers countless solutions to all of our problems. There seems to be a quick fix for everything in this world. But there is no real solution except for Jesus Christ. The solution to all of our problems is putting full trust in Him. Following His wisdom and guidance is the only way to live this life. We have a daily choice to make.

Where will your put your trust today?


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