Rethinking the Resolution

Happy Happy New Year.

There I’ve said it. I’ve covered the formality basics. It’s a new year, and for some reason every time a new year comes around, everyone spouts off how this year is going to be different. New Resolutions. New Diets. New Workouts. New friends. New habits. New you. New me.


Why do we go crazy over New Year resolutions when we barely keep them for two months? Why do we wait until the middle of the winter, right after the holiday season when we have the least amount of initiative to do anything to start a completely new thing?

It’s called post holiday blues for a reason. I ate too much, slept in everyday, hung out with all of my closest friends, exchanged presents, and went to holiday parties. Who wants to leave all that behind and start the next day with some strict new resolution? It’s depressing. One can only wonder why the success rate of New Year’s resolution is so low.

In true Rikki-Lauren fashion, I made a resolution to write more because let’s be honest 2012 wasn’t exactly my pulitzer prize-winning year.  (It was my first year of marriage, so I get a little break).  Yet after making my resolution and going an entire week without following it through, I started asking myself what my deal was? I mean shouldn’t this New Year’s resolution of mine be spurning me on. Somehow I thought that waking up on January 1st, I would have a burning desire to run to my laptop and type away.

But really I just wanted the results without the work. I wanted to look at the written word without having to actually write it. I wanted to snap my fingers, and have everything finished in front of me. As soon as I actually had to start thinking post holiday, my brain seemed to shut down. Who wants to think after Christmas and New Years?

How similar is our relationship with Jesus Christ? It’s a New Year’s resolution that we make and drop as soon as it gets tough. We want His blessings without the surrendering. We want Him to make everything right for us without us having to give anything to Him.

Surrendering our lives to the Lord? Please. We foolishly think we’ve got this.

If we’ve got life so well, then why are we making New Year’s resolution? Why are we making decisions to somehow, we think, change our lives for the better when we can’t surrender our lives to the One who knows us best.

How many of your resolutions were God-centered? How many of you actually said this year I want to know God more? This year I want to obey Him more? This year I want to serve Him more? This year I want to surrender to Him more?

I know I didn’t. I was too concerned about writing a book that keeps bugging me.

I didn’t seriously give thought to how I wanted 2013 to look in regards to my relationship with Christ until a few days into the year, yet He should have been my first priority, and everything else second.

So much for a New Year and a New Me. Without Christ, I’m still the same Rikki-Lauren who won’t get anything done because I’m running around worried about all sorts of silly things. I didn’t even bother to ask the Lord what He wanted for me this year. And I doubt many of you did either. It’s just too easy to think about ourselves, think about what we want, think about what we want to accomplish. What about Christ? What about others? What about the Great Commission? (Matthew 28:19).

Did any of those things cross your mind when you were thinking of your New Year’s Resolution?

If they didn’t, maybe you should be deleting, adding to, or editing your New Year’s Resolution. Actually just forget New Year’s resolutions altogether. Say it’s January 7th resolution.

Instead of focusing on something you are most likely to drop in a few months, try focusing on Jesus Christ first and foremost. Ask Him what He wants for you and from you this year.

Our relationship with Christ should be our number one priority. Our life should be about glorifying Him, serving Him, and pointing others to Him, not trying to resolute ourselves into being a better person. I don’t care how many resolutions you made unless your life is centered around Christ, it is not going in a good direction.

It’s so easy to get comfortable in this life and forget that we have another purpose. We have a purpose beyond a New Year’s resolution. Beyond 2013. Beyond just becoming a new me or new you.

Let your 2013 be about serving God, following God, obeying. Put Him first and then let everything else fall into place. Don’t let following God just be your 2013 New Year’s resolution. Instead let it be your life goal. Your life purpose.


So I’m rethinking my New Year’s Resolution. Instead of asking myself what I want for me this year, I’m asking what God wants from me. I’m letting go and letting Him show me where He wants me to go. I am going to try to write more. I am going to try to eat healthier. I am going to try to exercise more. I want to create more, love more, learn more. But those things are not going to determine if this year is successful.

My relationship with Christ will be my determining factor.

So let’s go 2013. Let’s go.




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