Finding the Truth


I have a challenge for you.

I’ve challenged myself, and this a warning to all of my acquaintances that this new attitude is probably going to come out in my conversation regularly. You’ve been warned. I will be that annoying person that is constantly asking the question Why?

I’m challenging you to search for the truth. All of it.

Growing up, I and everyone else under the sun began to believe something.  From an early age, we developed a core set of beliefs that dictate our lives. It’s passed down from our parents, it’s shaped by our experiences, it’s ingrained in us by our education, it’s nurtured by our friends, and it’s fostered by our churches.

Growing up in church, there were things I learned, and I just believed them without question. If someone were to ask me why I believed them, I would answer that that’s what I learned in church.

Over the years, I’ve been a part of and visited many different denominations of churches. And while many hold the same central Christian truths (Jesus Christ is God, the only way to heaven is through Jesus, man is born into sin, man must be saved, etc.) many of their other beliefs vary drastically.

Some believe that drinking alcohol is wrong, others include it in their communion every Sunday. Some churches believe that women shouldn’t be pastors, other churches are lead by women. Some churches believe in predestination, others believe in free will which is also known as the great Calvinism/Arminianism debate. There’s also the pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation, pre-wrath, or post-tribulation views of the rapture. And let’s not forget that there are Amillennialist, pre-millennialist, and post-millennialist. What about man’s role and woman’s roles in marriage.  And then let’s not even get into what political party some people claim they think Jesus would be in.

Reading this, you probably identified yourself with one or the other almost instantly. We like to think we know what “group” we are in, or what “truth” we believe. We hold on to it emotionally, our fingers gripping the belief so hard that our knuckles turn white.

Great! That’s awesome. I’m glad you’re an enthusiast.

Now can you please tell me why you believe what you believe. Do you know exactly why you have your core set of beliefs? Do you know if they are even the truth or not?

If you are like me, the answer is no. I knew what I believed, no questions asked. I just took what I learned growing up and that was my world.

Well, the more I ventured into adulthood, some of the things I had learned in church were being challenged by other churches, the media, and even some of my friends. WHAT?!? This shook me to my core. How could this be? How could my set of beliefs be challenged?

I heard one thing, then I heard another, and then someone came along and disputed both and presented a third idea. Exhausted from all of this, I just started claiming I didn’t know what I believed because I wasn’t sure. I quickly became apathetic since apathy is always the easiest answer to confusion. I was coasting through life believing that everyone could believe what they wanted because that’s what worked for them.

Biblically, that is the WORST response I could have had. Apathy leads to spiritual Death with a capital D. When we stop caring what the truth is, we stop growing in our faith. We became the branch that gets pruned. The vessel that gets shelved.

After a while, God woke me up. He was tired of my apathy, and frankly so was I.  I decided to find out what the Truth was for myself. I opened my Bible, and I started reading, reading, reading, taking notes, comparing notes, and reading some more. I look up the word Truth in my Bible’s concordance, and I start reading everything the Lord saw fit to put into His Word about it.

It was such a breath of fresh air because I knew for a fact what I was reading was the Truth. There is no other truth other than God’s word. Now if I have a question about something spiritually related, church related, or even life related, I go to the Bible, and see what God says about it. His word is the only thing that matters.

I don’t care what the media says, what politics say, what your friends think, or what your education tells you to believe, if it differs from God’s word, it’s the opposite of the truth.

Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth – John 17:17

In the Greek, the word is not at adjective but a noun. Jesus isn’t just describing God’s word as true, rather he is saying God’s word is truth. It is equal, the same, it is the measuring stick by which all other things should be held accountable to.

I’m still on my quest. I’m still searching for His truth in everything I believe. Every topic is open for discussion in my mind. Nothing is off limits. I want to reanalyze everything I believe because I want to know what the Bible says about it, not what I’ve heard over the years.

I challenge you to do the same. Just because you’ve heard something your whole life, doesn’t make it true. Search the SCRIPTURES! In them, you will find the truth. Next time you are having a spiritual conversation, and your companion says something you don’t quite understand or fully agree with, ask them to show you it in Scripture. Ask them why they think what they think.

Find the TRUTH! Our society is so askew because people have strayed so far away from the truth of God. Go to your Bible, read it, and fill your life with Truth.

The sum of your word is truth, and every one of your righteous rules endures forever. – Psalm 119:160

Every word of God proves true; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him. Do not add to his words, lest he rebuke you and you be found a liar. – Proverbs 30:5-6

Teach me your way, O Lord, that I may walk in your truth; Unite my heart to fear your name – Psalms 86:11

All scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work. – 2 Timothy 3:16


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