My third novel I, the Liar is available now in paperback and kindle format.

Everyone wants the truth, but Gemma Wright has built her life on secrets and lies. On the morning of her wedding, a mysterious letter arrives with slanderous accusations against her groom and threats to reveal her past if she goes through with the marriage. The letter could ruin her career and her relationship with her family. She is determined to keep her secrets buried but unearth the truth behind the allegations of her fiancé’s. Who is the man she is about to marry? And what lies has he told?

My second novel Lucky Me is available now in paperback and kindle format.

When David Hutchens wakes up from a coma, his world is turned inside out. Four years have lapsed since he was last awake, but it’s only been a matter of hours to him. Now, his job is gone, his girlfriend is engaged to another man, and all of his friends have moved on. No one seems to be able to explain what happened to him the night of the accident, and nothing about his circumstances makes sense to him. When he starts asking questions, no one seems to be able to supply the answers. David is soon faced with the reality where he has no choice but to go back to his estranged family in East Bend, North Carolina, the one place he swore he would never return. David has to start slowly trying to rebuild his life, one piece at a time, in a place he loathes and with people he doesn’t understand.

My first novel Happiness Lost is available now in paperback and kindle format.


Disenchanted author Harry Sinclaire is completely out of ideas. No one, including himself, thinks he can deliver his next book. His agent has just given him a deadline. His fans don’t believe in him in anymore. Despite all the pressure, his haunting past clings to him, allowing nothing or no one to inspire him. Not even moving back to his hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina can bring him back to the person he was when he wrote his first novel. Harry’s miserable world is disrupted when Anika, his best friend’s fiancée, moves in with him and brings her own complications and secrets. Suddenly, this woman he loathes is inspiring the book he desperately needs. As damaging as it would be to write a book about his best friend’s fiancée, Harry is running low on time and options.

Check it out. Tweet about it. Read about it. Talk about it. Let me know what YOU think.


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