Rooted in Christ

The word Christian has the root word of ‘Christ.’ Many of us flippantly call ourselves Christian, but rarely do we act like the One we are meant to be rooted in. … More Rooted in Christ


Training in Godliness

“Train yourself for godliness.” When is the last time someone actually said this to you? Or when was the last time that was on your list of things you needed to add to your self-discipline? We train for so many activities daily, but godliness rarely makes our lists. We train for our sport, we train in the gym, we train to cook, to teach, to speed read, to knit, to sew. We spend hours perfecting body formations, hand movements, feet positions, breathing rhythms, but do we actively train for godliness? Do many of us even know what it means to train for godliness anymore? Our speech, our conduct, our faith, our love, our purity – all are meant to reflect our Godly training, but too few of us even considering training for these a priority. … More Training in Godliness

King of the Mind

Being a Christian or becoming a Christian is not a “walk in park.” You don’t become a Christian and everything in your life suddenly becomes perfect. Being a Christian is a constant battle over ownership of our hearts and minds. You enter a battlefield between your flesh and your spirit. Between Satan and Christ. Between the things of the world and the things of Christ. The only way to conquer this battle and the only way for Christ to be King of your mind is to guard your mind, filter every thought through the word of God, and to continually set your thoughts on the things of Christ. … More King of the Mind

Because gifts are what Christmas is all about…

Jesus came and was the greatest gift giver of all time. He didn’t give us gifts that would ever perish, rot, or break over time. The batteries on hope will never run out. The spokes in His love will never grown rusty. A hole will never grow in His joy. The threads of His peace won’t ever get worn, nor will the binding grow slack on His grace. Jesus’ gifts will last for eternity.
More Because gifts are what Christmas is all about…

Holiness doesn’t fit in Sunday’s Container

As Christians, we are meant to be set apart, to be different from the world. We are meant to pursue holiness with a burning passion. Holiness is meant to be one the goals of our lives. A goal cannot be contained in a jar for one day of the week, the goal must linger around us. Like a sweet enduring fragrance, holiness is meant to cloud around us everywhere we go. … More Holiness doesn’t fit in Sunday’s Container