Split Your Oreo

Your mom isn’t behind you telling you to split your Oreo anymore, so you get to keep both sides all to yourself. … More Split Your Oreo


My Identity

I am a woman. A wife. A writer. A daughter. A sister. A friend. A baker. A reader. A cook. A coffee drinker. A movie watcher. A travel lover. A blogger. A chocolate fanatic.  A runner. A health nut. A bath taker. An introvert. A history fan. A tea drinker. A housewife. A dancer. A shower singer. A mountain love. A picture taker. A US citizen. A North Carolina resident. A … More My Identity

What Shall We Eat?

We all seem to suffer from short-term memory loss when it comes to God. Repeatedly, He shows up in our lives. Repeatedly, He delivers on His promise to never forsake us. Repeatedly He meets our needs; yet as soon as a new need arises, instead of leaning on Him, trusting His timing and His way of provision, we grumble, complain, and demand to know where God is. … More What Shall We Eat?

Tears of Truth

I rarely cry over movies, television shows, babies, weddings, etc. Things rarely push me to the point of tears anymore. I was a cry baby when I was a teenager. Anything and everything set me off; but nowadays, it’s rare for me to go over the tear abyss. I figured I did enough in previous … More Tears of Truth

Dressing Up

Ladies, Who doesn’t love dressing up? I, for one, love putting on fancy clothes, fixing my hair (as best as I can), and dabbing on some makeup. There’s something thrilling and exciting about getting fancy and going out to conquer the world. When we look good, we tend to feel better about ourselves. We want … More Dressing Up

The Keys of Keeping a Prayer List

My helplessness to help everyone and anyone consumed me. We only have so many funds, we only have so many hours in the day. It is impossible to help everyone. This burning desire in my heart to help people left me paralyzed at the realization that I really couldn’t help. Money isn’t enough; time isn’t enough; influence isn’t enough. In a world where everyone has a need, a desire, a problem, what can we do as individuals to help? … More The Keys of Keeping a Prayer List

Training in Godliness

“Train yourself for godliness.” When is the last time someone actually said this to you? Or when was the last time that was on your list of things you needed to add to your self-discipline? We train for so many activities daily, but godliness rarely makes our lists. We train for our sport, we train in the gym, we train to cook, to teach, to speed read, to knit, to sew. We spend hours perfecting body formations, hand movements, feet positions, breathing rhythms, but do we actively train for godliness? Do many of us even know what it means to train for godliness anymore? Our speech, our conduct, our faith, our love, our purity – all are meant to reflect our Godly training, but too few of us even considering training for these a priority. … More Training in Godliness